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A new merchant has appeared at spawn!
13 days ago

A new merchant has appeared at spawn! This one sells end portal frames and dragon eggs! You can now make your own end portal in your base and respawn the ender dragon!

end shop

Factions Tutorial 2020
17 days ago

Okay so we thought it would be time for a proper tutorial on Minecraft Factions and as many players are new to Factions especially the Bedrock community. In this video we'd like to explain how Factions works :) Enjoy watching.

Factions Tutorial 2020

Website update in progress
19 days ago

This week the panel for our website got upgraded! We are currently in the process of updating everything on the backend. :)


If you did register an account  last night on the website, you might have to re-register. :)

  • Thanks to our web developer, Xemah the website now looks a lot better ;)
  • Updated the panel to Pre8 release
  • Updated all modules
  • Updated voting links
Merry Christmas!
21 days ago

Merry christmas everyone! We hope you're having a great day. Come and hang out on our server and enjoy the christmas spirit ^_^.

Knight_Of_Swords and SupaYoshi decorated the spawn, so come check it out if you feel like it!

SupaYoshi LIVE on Twitch!
22 days ago

Our admin SupaYoshi is now live on Twitch, streaming and talking about the server! Come and join in, and have a nice conversation with us! Ask your questions, bring your suggestions! We're looking forward to seeing you!

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