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News Server back online! Thanks KPN
5 months ago

And KPN has finally restored the fiber optic cables connecting our internet, finally... (It was down for 39 hours and 16 minutes) anyway, great back online!

News Internet downtime, server downtime
5 months ago

Due to a fiber optic cable being struck during renovations on a neirby bridge, the server has been offline for over 24 hours (first time since relaunch) as soon as the internet connection is restored by the lovely contractor you will all be able to login again!


Quote from our ISP:

Update #3: 29-01-2022 09:15: De aannemer doet zijn uiterste best. Er is een kabel stuk die bij een brug ligt. Dit maakt de reparatie niet makkelijker en we houden er rekening mee dat het pas na het weekend kan worden opgelost.


Update #3: 29-01-2022 09:15: The contractor is doing it's best. There is a cable breakdown near a bridge. This makes the repair more difficu...

News Store updated! Dungeon packs available
6 months ago

Dear Minecraft Faction players! I am proud to announce that after much delay the new packages and dungeon packs A and B are finally here and able to be purchased!

You can do so by going to or clicking on "Store" at the top navbar, and purchasing a dungeon pack!

Also it's made easier for Bedrock players to purchase packs on the new store! If there are any questions please let me or SirMario1 know!

Kind regards,


SECURITY ADVICE: Do not join random Minecraft Servers! LOG4J
6 months ago

Dear Minecraft Java edition players, we'd like to make you aware of the following:

Be careful with what servers you connect to on the Java edition of Minecraft. Some discord accounts are hacked and will send you private invitations to other Minecraft Servers. You might think, there is nothing wrong with just checking them out, however, some of these servers still have the log4j exploit running on them as they did not update to a newer version on purpose. This means, that the server is able to steal your account or rat your computer. Be extremely careful with what servers you join, and join only well trusted servers, not ones sent to you in DM's.

Stay safe and play a safe and ...

News United Factions 1.18.1 released
6 months ago

Hi guys I am proud to announce that SIrMario1 and the team has done it! 1.18.1 has just been released, and the action is on!

New Minecraft Factions Spawn

Some of the new features include:

  • New 1.18 world and map will be open tomorrow for all players at 6 PM, CET
  • New spawn has been created
  • Highways extending up to 4500 blocks out from 0,0
  • Economy rebalanced, prices of netherite and diamonds increased
  • Everything has been reset
  • New Questing system for dungeons has been added, more content can be found in this section
  • Old /spawn has been converted to a hub...
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