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7 months ago
Short maintainence

Short maintainence is being done on the server tonight;

whilst joining an error might occur: Kicked whilst connecting to Inceputul: If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well!

We are working on the issue and resolving it A.S.A.P.

9 months ago
Let's get back to business!

I'd not mind your help at all! Are you good with TikTok or video's?

let me know

9 months ago
Let's get back to business!

Hi everyone! Here is Yoshi, ;)

Let's get back into promoting the server ;) I'd like to ask everyone, to upvote our Reddit posts to start, you can find them here.

I am also in search of someone with a deep voice, for a video I made, and I need someone to do the talking in it, with an English or American accent. If you know someone, or if you want to help me, contact me!

Another thing, I am looking for people to help me with ideas for videos :) Reply to this post if you want to help out.

Server announcements

Added and changed features:
- Rewards for voting have been increased to 8 gold ingots per vote.
- You now get 2 enchanted golden apples for a weekly vote streak
- You now get a spawner for a monthly vote streak
- There is now a sleeping plugin that gradually progresses the night faster depending on how many players are sleeping.
- Bedrock player skins now correctly show and they're no longer just Steve's/Jebs.

Things that are being worked on:
- Dungeon server is being tested and already had a few test runs. Expect Temple Dungeon to be back online and playable sometime this week.
- Creation of 2 extra dungeons with medium and easy difficulty.
- More dungeons
- Custom achievements?
- More interactive tutorials
- Possible lock-picking feature. However, funding is needed for this to be developed. Consider donating if you like to see this implemented.
- Quests
- Secret possible content event

Special thanks:
- Special thanks to TheOfficialTGB for his multiple donations over the past week, also purchasing VIP ranks for other players. We greatly value his and all other donations made by others to the server. The more donations that come in, the more it enables us to create more content and also look at paid promotions to lure in more players.

- We're looking for big and small content creators on YouTube and Twitch that like to help promoting the server(bewerkt)

10 months ago
Tax, Test / Exam week & More

Hi Everyone!

Here is SupaYoshi with the latest news. This week has been a little busy, and it might have looked like we have been on holiday! But it's nothing like that. (That's what she said) lol... Anyway

Here is the latest;

  • SirMario1 is having an exam week and is extremely busy and focussed on those. This is why you haven't heard or seen much of Mario this week.
  • I have had some issues getting back into the country and had to complete some tax forms! Sorry guys took me longer than expected! But I'm almost done!
  • We're going to start up promoting the server again next week. I think a lot of people have been doing tests and exams this week and this being some of the reason it's been quiet overall.

Let me know what you's think or if you have something to add / suggest!

I've just logged in btw and Spacer28 has just showed me an amazing piece of art in the server! I'll try to stream it later on this weekend!

Kind regards,


11 months ago
Factions Spawn was claimed today! Oh yea and /duels working!

Today some Minecraft players decided to climb the top of the Factions spawn world, after many attempts to climb the top of spawn they succeeded with extreme parkour skills. They climbed to the top of the Faction Spawn like you wouldn't believe it... Has anyone else been able to claim Faction spawn before? Let us know!

Spawn camping Factions

  • tommybms
  • B_ExponentOdin64
  • ftbg
  • B_DataMonkeyNL
  • B_GamingAdagio

That's all for today, also has everyone tried out the new duels feature yet?! Type  /duel playername and try it out!