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2FA / MineSecure

2FA / Two Factor Authentication

Some users, mainly operators, admins, moderators and so on are required to have 2fa enabled in order to join the server. This is an extra security layer to prevent Minecraft Account hacking, griefing and an additional server protection. Every player on our server can enable two factor authentication by typing the command, /2fa
Instructions will be shown and a map will be put into the players inventory, which can be scanned with Google Authenticator or an app like Authy for IOS.

You will need a smartphone to use 2FA.

The steps are easy and quick.
1) Type /2fa
2) Install the Google Authenticator or Authy App on your Mobile Phone / Smartphone / iPhone
3) Scan the QR code in your inventory with your iPhone
4) Setup a password to access your account on your phone.
5) You have now enabled 2FA for your account and your account should be secure.
6) 2FA will only be required when you logon from a new IP address or a new device.

To disable 2FA
1) Type /2fa remove
2) Follow the instructions