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10 months ago
A new merchant has appeared at spawn!

A new merchant has appeared at spawn! This one sells end portal frames and dragon eggs! You can now make your own end portal in your base and respawn the ender dragon!

end shop

10 months ago
Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas everyone! We hope you're having a great day. Come and hang out on our server and enjoy the christmas spirit ^_^.

Knight_Of_Swords and SupaYoshi decorated the spawn, so come check it out if you feel like it!

10 months ago
SupaYoshi LIVE on Twitch!

Our admin SupaYoshi is now live on Twitch, streaming and talking about the server! Come and join in, and have a nice conversation with us! Ask your questions, bring your suggestions! We're looking forward to seeing you!

10 months ago
Server Tutorial Section!

United Factions now has a server tutorial section! Having trouble with understanding how minecraft factions work? Or do you want to learn how to most efficiently defend you base? You should check it out. It can be accessed by typing: /warp tutorial. New players will get the possibility to follow it as well when they join the server for the first time! :)


10 months ago
Upgradable spawners

United Factions now has upgradable spawners! You are now also able to buy spawners from a merchant at spawn. Spawners can have various upgrades such as the spawn interval, spawn amount, mob distance from spawner and the player distance that triggers the spawning! We love to see what creative mobfarms you come up with.

Buy a spawner today or find one in the wild!

Spawner Merchant


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