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Tutorials How to connect with consoles? (Xbox, Ps4, Nintendo Switch)
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05 Aug 2020
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Using Geyser with Consoles

All consoles can join third-party servers - including Geyser servers - with workarounds. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 systems can join third-party servers using a third-party program called BedrockConnect. For technical information about the program, including how to run your own setup, see their GitHub repository (This program is not affiliated with GeyserMC). Other methods are also available for use.

NOTE: The main IP used for BedrockConnect is often blocked on consoles, if you run into issues with internet connection or joining servers after changing your DNS, consider using either one of the other BedrockConnect servers on the BedrockConnect Github Page, or the Public GeyserConnect which allows connecting to both Java and Bedrock servers.

Xbox One

Follow video tutorial:

Nintendo Switch

Follow video tutorial:

PlayStation 4

  1. Go to your PS4 Home screen.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Network.
  4. Select Set Up Internet connection.
  5. If you are using wired internet, select "Use LAN Cable", otherwise choose "Use Wi-Fi".
  6. Select the Custom network creation mode.
  7. Select Automatic IP Address.
  8. For DHCP Host Name, make sure you select Do Not Specify.
  9. Under DNS Settings, select Manual.
  10. Enter the BedrockConnect IP for the preferred Primary DNS (Multiple options depending on region can be found on the BedrockConnect Github Page) and something like Google or Cloudfare's IP for the Secondary DNS ( or

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